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The Lazy River by Zadie Smith

We’re submerged, all of us. You, me, the children, our friends, their children, everybody else. Sometimes we get out: for lunch, to read or to tan, never for very long. Then we all climb back into the metaphor. The Lazy River is a circle, it is wet, it has an artificial current. Even if you don’t move you will get somewhere and then return to wherever you started, and if we may speak of the depth of a metaphor, well, then, it is about three feet deep, excepting a brief stretch at which point it rises to six feet four. ...(Cliquez sur l'icone PDF pour lire la suite)

Tesco cat Pumpkin defies Norwich supermarket 'ban'

A cat "banned" from entering his favourite supermarket is up to his old tricks and has been seen lounging on the self-service checkouts.

Ginger tom Pumpkin became an "unexpected item in the bagging area" of a Tesco branch near Norwich when he was spotted on the scanner on Sunday.

Almost 2,000 people follow the adventures of the mischievous moggy, who usually abides by the ban and stays outside the front door.. ...(Cliquez sur l'icone PDF pour lire la suite)

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